On Saturday, November 16 2013, the Friends of Dunphy Park, a volunteer group, hosted a Public Forum where the Sausalito community was invited to provide ideas and priorities for an upgrade to the City’s Dunphy Park on Bridgeway. The meeting was be held at the Bay Model Auditorium, 2100 Bridgeway in Sausalito.

The park currently provides limited seating, a lawn area, a gazebo, a sand volleyball court, two bocce ball courts and a small beach area.  With input from the public on what functions and features the park should provide, the Friends will develop an initial re-design for the park.  That Schematic Master Plan – a draft layout of park --will be reviewed by City committees in public meetings and a recommended design will go to the City Council for approval.

Topics for discussion at the Public Forum included such features as entryways and general pedestrian circulation, bicycle paths, restrooms, landscaping, parking, as well as active and passive use areas such as a bocce ball court and seating.