Friends of Dunphy Park:

A brief history


In 2001 Eben Gossage, the owner of Zack’s Inc., submitted a proposal to construct 26,852 sq. ft. of new office buildings and a 232-berth marina on waterfront property adjacent to Dunphy Park.


Closed negotiations between Gossage and the City Council resulted in giving the City the opportunity to purchase at fair market value a portion of the peninsula, the railroad right of way in front of Dunphy Park, and open water property adjacent to Dunphy Park conditional on the City permitting Gossage to build a 195-berth marina.


Public concern resulted in the formation of Friends of Dunphy Park which advocates expansion of Dunphy Park and preservation of the remaining open water in the Central Waterfront. The Friends circulated a petition signed by over 1000 Sausalito residents which supports the purchase (at fair market value) of some or all of the Zakessian/Gossage waterfront property and underwater lots.


Friends of Dunphy Park has an active Board of 12 people, about 40 people who have given financial support, and maintains an extensive contact list based on the 1000 plus resident signatures it obtained on the original petition cited above.  The Board remains in contact with the City Council, Audubon Society, and the Marin Bay Advocates in a continuing effort to preserve the important marine habitat and waterfront property adjacent to Dunphy Park. 

The Friends also hope eventually to be able to help the City to develop a master plan for an enlarged Dunphy Park.

List of Current Active Friends:

Jacques Ullman

Paul Leffingwell

Ursula Leffingwell

Vicki Nichols

Heather Richard

Douglas Martin

Carol Peltz

Susan Rogier

Nancy Osborn

Bob Boye

Billie Anderson

Alice Merrill